UBER Driver Partner – Opportunity to EARN AT LEAST $4100 GUARANTEED!

New drivers in New York City earn at least $4100 guaranteed for your first 400 trips in 180 days! Terms apply*

Be your own boss, set your own hours, and get your earnings every week.Driving with Uber is an easy way to earn money any time you want. It’s completely flexible, so you can drive when you want, day or night. With Uber, you come first.
Here are some of the things you need:
Smartphone 4-door vehicle Valid driver’s license At least 21 years old Vehicle registration and insurance image image
This offer is for new driver-partners only and is not a promise of any future earnings. Actual earnings vary depending on number of rides accepted and taken, time of day, location, and other factors. Offer is only for those new driver-partners who clicked on an ad advertising this guarantee and signed up with the corresponding landing page. The guarantee is for $4,100 in total earnings (not including fees, promotions, or tips) for your first 400 trips as a new driver-partner. To qualify for the guarantee, driver-partners must sign up in New York City and complete 400 trips in New York City with 400 different riders within 180 days of signing up. If the total earnings of your trips are under $4,100 for the first 400 trips, Uber will pay you the difference between the guaranteed amount and your actual total earnings for your first 400 trips. All trips for this promotion must be completed by June 8, 2019 at 11:59:59 pm EST. Guaranteed amounts are net fares, which do not include Uber service fee, black car fund, tolls, and sales tax. Cancelled trips do not count as completed trips. Uber Eats trips are not eligible for this promotion. We reserve the right to withhold or deduct payments that we determine or believe were in error, fraudulent, illegal, or in violation of driver terms or these terms. Terms subject to change.

Driving with Uber is perfect for a those looking for seasonal work, temporary work, part time work, part-time work or for those looking for a flexible earning opportunity. Hours are completely flexible, you can work on your schedule. No previous experience as a transportation driver, truck driver, taxi driver, courier driver or delivery driver is necessary. You can create your own schedule. No previous experience as a transportation driver, truck driver, taxi driver, courier driver or delivery driver is necessary. We welcome those who have driven with other gig economy platforms such as Seamless, Grubhub, Eat24, Munchery, Saucey, Drizly, Google Express, AmazonFresh, Lyft, Favor, Caviar, Uber, UberX, , Sprig, Instacart, Rinse, Shyp, Washio, Luxe, Zirx, Postmates, , Farm Hill, Rinse, Deliv, Amazon Prime, and Eaze. Our driving partners come from all backgrounds and industries ranging from traditional driving and transportation industries to more customer service and creative industries. If you are an account manager, accountant, accounting, actor, actress, admin, administrative, administrative, artist, assistant, barista, bus boy, busboy, busboy, busser, cabbie, cab driver, cab-driver, chauffeur, professional cleaner, cleaners, clerical, coffee, college student, construction, contractor, contract worker, courier, customer service, customer service agent, cyclist, data entry, data-entry, delivery driver, designer, drivers, education, entry level, entry-level, expo, finance, food runner, food-runner, foodrunner, freelancer, freelance worker, full time, full-time, gig economy user, health care, healthcare, host, hostess, hosts, human resources, human-resources, independent contractor, intern, interns, IT, limo driver, maid, maintenance, management, manager, manufacturing, marketing, messenger, musician, network marketing, nurse, office, on-demand driver, part time, part-time, private hire driver, receptionist, receptionists, restaurant, retail, retail associate, sales, sales person, salesperson, seasonal worker, server, servers, summer job seeker, teacher, teachers, temp, valet, valets, waiter, waiters, waitresses, warehouse, writer, driver, worker, who is looking for a flexible part time or seasonal job, you should try driving with Uber, UberX, or UberBLACK to supplement your income!

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To Apply to this job Please go to website address given in Source below
Source: https://newyork.craigslist.org/brk/fbh/d/long-island-city-uber-driver-partner/6779095141.html