Restaurant hiring Servers Dishwashers Bartender (berkeley)

We (Royal Rangoon) are looking for a few good food server candidates with experience. For full-time positions. Servers, dishwashers, bartenders

We are located on Telegraph Ave, Berkeley side, near UC Berkeley

Below are the minimum qualifications to be considered as a successful candidate:
– Provide a great smile and have a passion to provide genuine hospitality in a professional manner
– Must be available to work weekends and holidays
– Must have reliable transportation to and from work
– Must provide a valid social security number/legal documentation to work in the United States successfully pass a background screening to be considered for hire
– Ability to stand for extended periods of time and lift up to 30 lbs without assistance
– Ability to comprehend and communicate clearly in English

Technical Skills: Maintain concentration and think clearly when providing service to guests within any given period of time; ability to access and input information into P.O.S. system.

Please send your resume, name, phone, experience, and desired position in title.

To Apply to this job Please go to website address given in Source below