Kitchen Staff for Golden Corral (Milford)

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We are currently looking for BAKERS, KITCHEN COOKS, GRILL MASTERS, and MEAT CUTTERS!

The Baker prepares a wide range of breads, pastries, and other baked goods. He or she prepares baked goods in accordance with all Golden Corral specifications and company safety and sanitation policies and procedures. The Baker must have excellent organization skills to multitask while baking.

The Cook is responsible for the quality, quantity, tastiness, and freshness of all Hot Choice Buffet products. The Cook pays special attention to speed, cleanliness, organization, and product specifications.

The Meat Cutter’s performance and the ability to cut for quality and quantity of product have a significant impact on the guest’s dining experience. Top quality meat cutting ensures that the restaurant uses its product to optimize profit and that the Golden Corral guest receives full value in both product and service.

-Prepares Hot Choice Buffet products, including Carving and Display Cooking products, according to Golden Corral recipes and procedures.
-Grills all items according to Golden Corral standards to ensure quality.
-Ensures that every fried product is always fresh and hot.
-If the Buffet Attendant is unavailable, the Cook restocks the items at the Display Cooking Station.
-If the Carver is unavailable, assists guests with carved meat options.
-Complete use and following of the buffet production system to insure quality and shelf life compliance.
-Maintains the correct temperature of all products during cooking, holding and serving.
-Ensures that that Hot Cook area and all small wares are clean and checks dishes for cleanliness before using them.
-Performs duty roster and Cleanliness, Service, and Quality (CSQ) responsibilities.
-Follows local health department laws.
-Keeps Char Grill clean and scraped to ensure product quality and sanitation.
-Ensures that Hot Choice Buffet products, including Display Cooking products, are always hot and fresh for the guests.
-Knows and follows position responsibilities as they relate to just-in-time delivery.
-Is friendly and courteous to guests and assists them with the products.
-Maintains professional communication at all times.
-Performs other functions that may be necessary to ensure guests receive a pleasurable dining experience.
-Ensures that work areas are clean and that equipment, tools, and supplies are properly stored
-Neat, Clean, Professional Appearance
-Strong stamina to work long or split shifts
-Stand for long periods of time
-Able to work a flexible schedule
-Highly Collaborative Nature
-Basic Culinary Coursework or Equivalent Experience Desired
-Able to lift 25 lbs multiple times a day
-Exhibit a sense of urgency

Must have a minimum of 3 years kitchen experience
Willing to accomplish all restaurant tasks
Comfortable working in a fast paced environment
Ability to interact productively with co-workers and function well in a team environment
Ability to resolve consumer issues with tact
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Golden Corral is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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