Imagine! Working in an environment that is employee focused, believes strongly in career growth within and you laugh often. Imagine! Working for a concept where customers know each other, they come to eat quality food, it has a relaxed atmosphere but with a dynamic vibe! Imagine! working for one of the Nation’s Largest and Fastest growing Restaurants that takes pride in being employee focused. Imagine! Going to working everyday loving what you do. Well, no more imagining! This is the place for you!

Job Duties:

·         Sets the standard for the restaurant through leadership by example.

·         Manage the day-to-day operations of the restaurant.

·         They are responsible for developing, directing, and supervising managers and hourly.

·         The Restaurant Manager must have the ability to maintain and easily communicate solid understanding of all services and products offered by the restaurant.

·         The position will also involve troubleshooting any issues arising in the restaurant, including problems with POS system operations, equipment problems, customer complaints, scheduling challenges, employee issues, etc.

·         Ensures Policy and Procedures are being met and followed.

·         Train, coach, and counsel Team Members and facilitates their development.

·         Provides positive, rewarding and fostering environment for the staff.

·         Ensures building, equipment, furniture and fixtures are in good repair, clean and maintained on a regular basis.

·         Sets excellent customer service and work examples

·         Engage in community and marketing related opportunities at the restaurant/community

·         Demonstrates knowledge of entire menu and preparation.

·         Ensures customers are receiving the best experience


·         The Restaurant Manager must have High volume experience of 4+ years

·         The Restaurant Manager must have proven management experience in high volume, fast pace setting.

·         The Restaurant Manager must have a true desire to mentor and develop others is a trait the Restaurant Manager must possess.

·         The Restaurant Manager must have a proven track record in assisting the company in the achievement of solid financial results

·         The Restaurant Manager must live by a guest orientated philosophy and show honesty and integrity in all things.

·         The Restaurant Manager may be required to work nights/weekends/holidays

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