Truck Yard Job Description: Cook/Cashier

With over 15,000 square feet of heavily shaded outdoor space, food trucks on rotation, a kitchen slinging the best cheesesteaks in town, signature draft cocktails, and even a bar located where you would least expect it (think tree house, ferris wheel, etc), there’s no place else quite like Truck Yard. And there’s no job quite like a Cook at Truck Yard. We’re looking for restaurant professionals that can handle a fast-paced, high volume service environment while making every customer feel relaxed and welcome. If that sounds like you, see the job requirements below and apply online at:

The Kitchen Cashier/Cook is an important part of the guest’s overall experience at Truck Yard. The Kitchen Cashier/Cook person is part of the kitchen team and involved in several support roles during the course of each shift. The employee’s primary responsibility is to ensure that the prep list is fulfilled each shift, serve & interact with customers at the register, and help the kitchen run smoothly which can entail cooking cheesesteaks on the line in high volume.

The entire team at Truck Yard is responsible for contributing to these company goals, regardless of position:
• Great Food & Drinks
• Great Service
• Friendly Staff (to the customer and to each other)
• Clean & Well Maintained Buildings

Essential Job Functions:
• Runs the register, works on completing the prep list, or is cleaning throughout the shift.
• Supports the Grill cooks by running rolls, peeling onions, slicing peppers, slicing beef, slicing rolls, making ranch, filling the cutlery buckets, stocking the chip rack, and cleaning the kitchen.
• Completes all tasks assigned by the shift leader or management.
• Supports the Grill cooks by making cheesesteaks as needed.
• Interacts with guests in a friendly and personable way and always ask all guests if they want ranch, a pickle, and a drink (to complete their meal). Gives each guest a copy of their receipt and thanks them.
• Greets each guest in a friendly and outgoing manner as they enter the kitchen area.
• Operates the register accurately and efficiently; understands how to use employee and investor discounts and gift card transactions. Is required to stay until end of shift and is responsible for accurate cashout at end of shift.
• Monitors the status of the cash drawer and notifies management when running low on change before it runs out.
• Observes proper food safety practices such as changing gloves after handling raw meat before touching raw vegetables, changing gloves often, washing hands between tasks, cleaning surfaces with sanitizer, not cross contaminating food by switching cutting boards regularly etc.
• Wears a cut glove on their off hand when operating the slicer or when slicing peppers and buns etc.
• Use FIFO, use ‘date dots’ and ‘use first’ stickers. Label all prep products with Product, Date, your Name.
• Preps sliced onions, peppers, or beef immediately upon arrival when working an AM shift; sets up the line if there is not another assigned shift leader on the AM shift
• Preps whatever needs to be done to help the PM Shift run smoothly as directed by the shift leader or manager.
• Stocks the chip rack and clean the floors in the queue area at the end of each night when working PM shift.
• Cleans the floors in the kitchen using degreaser and the deck brush to squeegee the excess degreaser into the drains and then mop when working the PM shift.

Reports to: Manager on duty

• 1+ years as a Cashier or Prep cook in a high volume environment
• Excellent knowledge of all required food safety practices
• Excellent knowledge of guest service, and ability to keep section organized & clean
• Strong ability to multi task and work in a fast paced environment.
• Knowledge of a second language will be considered a plus
• Positive attitude and excellent communication/listening skills
• Relevant Serve Safe certificate; food service manager certificate considered a plus
• Rubber soled closed toed shoes required, as well as a hat to keep hair contained.
• Must have reliable transportation
• Must be eligible to work in the United States

Other things to know about this job
• Truck Yard does not permit any employee to consume alcohol at any Brain Storm Shelter Restaurant location, whether on- or off-duty.
• All employees are required to follow all local and state laws regarding the sale & service of alcohol.
• Employees are expected to wash their hands frequently during shifts and after all breaks.
• Position requires prolonged standing, bending, stooping, twisting, lifting products and supplies weighing 45 pounds, and repetitive hand and wrist motion. Position requires working a full shift on your feet.
• Position requires working in hot conditions as the grills put off significant heat
• Position requires working outdoors in all weather conditions when getting additional supplies
• All employees must practice good personal hygiene to prevent food borne illnesses & create a clean working environment
• Position may require work with hot, cold, and hazardous equipment as well as operation of phones, computers and other office equipment.
• It’s a great job with a great company.

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