Looking for Asst Manager for Hot New Franchise/Breakfast & Lunch (South Houston,Tx)

We’re about to get started on a couple of new restaurant units here in Houston and our growth is looking real good.

And our growth means good opportunity for experienced restaurant managers with an eye on their future.

We’re looking for an Assistant Manager with at least two but preferably four years of solid experience in Full Service Restaurant Management.

Experience would have to cover hiring, training, working in a high volume restaurant that has constant waiting periods and sometime agitated guests who are on a tight schedule. As word gets out about our good food and great service the crowds just keep growing and we need managers who can respond to those guest.

If this sounds familiar then you might be a candidate.

We look forward to seeing your resume…please respond quickly as we want to get started finding the right candidate.

To Apply to this job Please go to website address given in Source below
Source: https://houston.craigslist.org/fbh/d/houston-looking-for-asst-manager-for/6783333625.html