Cocinero/Cook for The Sandwich Shop (Williamsburg Brooklyn)

Concurrido establecimiento en Brooklyn “The Sandwich Shop” esta buscando un ayudante de cocina o cocinero para las preparaciones, ensamblaje de Sandwiches y Ensaladas y Limpieza de su estacion.



Popular Restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn “The Sandwich Shop” is looking for a cook or assitant cook. This is a Sandwich and Salad Establishment, our aim is to make great sandwiches, salads and desserts.

We’re a busy small kitchen, everything is slow cooked and oven roasted, great prepping and assembling skills needed, we do a lot of catering for lunch time.

You need to be experienced, organized, clean, DRUG FREE, serious, passionate and willing to grow. Food Handling Certificate is a BIG PLUS.

To Apply to this job Please go to website address given in Source below