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Cook Needed – Memory Care Community – $15hr (La Jolla)

Job Duties Include:
Assures that all foods are prepared and cooked according to specified recipes and procedures. The following duties will be performed personally or through other Associates.
•Prepares foods, including activities such as baking, broiling, frying, steaming, braising, boiling and pressure cooking.
•Assists in the preparation of foodstuffs for cooking including activities such as washing, trimming, cutting portioning, measuring and mixing in accordance with recipe specifications and standard food preparation practices that ensure maximum overall quality, freshness and safety of food.
•Tastes all food; assures that all food is properly prepared, meet taste requirements, and are visually pleasing to the eye.
•Ensures that all prepared and leftover foods are stored in a timely manner, and are labeled with dates, and content information.
•Regularly checks food temperatures and holding containers as required. Assures that proper holding and storing temperatures are maintained during the entire meal period.
•Regularly inspects and participates in the maintenance of all kitchen equipment and physical premises.

Our Cooks are:
-appreciated, respected, and treated fairly.
-we can work around schedules, school, appointments , another job etc…
-we NEVER lay-off or cut hours to anyone who wants to work.
-we offer vacation and health benefits to Full Time employees

Job Type: Full-time

To Apply to this job Please go to website address given in Source below