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We are looking for bright, high energy managers to manage the day shift of our busy restaurants. We offer high pay and the opportunity to work in a high volume restaurant on day shift only.

About Chacho’s
Chacho’s has 6 extremely high volume restaurants open, 3 in Houston and 3 in San Antonio, and has two locations under construction.. We have been in business for nearly 30 years and are financially strong. The owners manage the business in a very hands-on, no nonsense, manner, ensuring the business will continue to be successful.

Chacho’s is a hybrid concept, somewhere between full service and fast food, which features award winning food prepared from scratch in small batches, 24 hours per day. We also feature award winning margaritas, two lane drive thru, fun interior atmosphere, multiple TVs, and a large menu of incredible food.

Our restaurants always serve more customers per day than nearby competitive restaurants. Our restaurant concept wins in the marketplace with our high quality ingredients, large portions, low prices, small batch scratch cooking, award winning margaritas, multiple drive thru lanes, large menu, and value pricing.

Our Mission
We are dedicated to becoming a restaurant company that operates as close to perfectly as possible. Although we are very successful, we are on a well defined path to improve our restaurants in every way and we are looking for people that want to achieve excellence and will devote themselves 100% to the pursuit of excellence. We are only looking for people who will embrace 100% our mission and give their best day in- day out to achieve it.

About the Position
We Offer pay rates between $50, 000 and $90,000 per year, with the pay depending both upon ability and ours worked. We require that any manager be hands-on, smart, aggressive and willing to work hard shoulder to shoulder with regular employees.

Your availability of work must be from 6 am to 7 pm, although you will generally not work more than 10 hours per day. You need to be willing to work at least one weekend day per week and your pay might be higher if you can happily work both weekend days.

You must have the ability to achieve excellent service, high food quality and full health department compliance at the same time.

You must be able to train and communicate with people well , as well as give rapid-fire direction when needed. You must be able to organize people into an effective team. It will not work if you are laid back at all. On the other hand, if you have a tendency to be very picky about everything and tend to micro-manage, you can learn to do well here, although our system is to hire and train well and then achieve excellence thru regular staff without much need for micromanagement or rapid fire direction.

Above all, you must have high standards for everything under your control.

This is probably one of the best opportunities in the restaurant industry for someone who wants a career in restaurants but does not want to work nights.

The following is a list of traits we find very valuable:
• Above average intelligence.
• High energy level.
• Ability to work on feet the entire shift without needing to sit down.
• Good with people; Ability to enforce high standards and rule compliance.
• Serious attitude. Someone that never plays around.
• Highly professional behavior.
• Customer oriented.
• Detail oriented.
• Excellent trainer
• Moral person that automatically earns everyone’s respect.

The following are pluses but not required
• Spanish speaking
• Fast food experience

How to Apply
If you think you are qualified and want to pursue this opportunity, send us a resume with pay history, or an email listing your work and pay history to [email protected]

We will hold your information in confidence and will not contact your current employer.

Our Rule Against Misrepresentation
We have a rule that we will not consider anyone who lies or misleads us. We have been doing this for over 30 years and it will be impossible for someone to deceive us for any length of time. We will verify what you put down, including gaining a good understanding of your previous work history. We do not expect anyone to be perfect, so some negatives might not disqualify you, but dishonesty will. Also, inflating your pay history will not be useful as we will ask to see your past few tax returns or W2 forms. We understand that the compensation we are offering may be more than double your previous compensation.

Thank you.

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