Baker/Pastry Cook (vallejo / benicia)

Job Description

Who we are: One House Bakery is starting from the ground up in Benicia, CA. We will be serving a wide variety of breads, pastries and savory items. We focus on getting the highest quality raw ingredients, none of which have any food coloring or stabilizers in them. A wide variety of our products are made with whole grain flour that we mill in house. We want to employ people who are not only hard workers but who also take pride in what they are producing.

One House Bakery is the first bakery I’ve opened, and there will be a lot of learning as we go. I have spent my entire life focused on this one goal and have devoted my entire career to learning and working with bread and pastries. I want One House to be a place where people can learn and be a part of a team. We will be building this from the ground up into something we can be proud of.

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IMPORTANT: There are certain requirements that must be met by everyone who applies:

*Must be able to perform a physical job and able to lift at least 50 pounds

*Must show up on time

*Must be reliable

*Must be self-motivated and willing to push themselves to improve each day

*Must focus on cleanliness

Full-time, hourly including tips


-Organize the baking order for your upcoming shift

-Manage proofing of croissant and danish products

-Keep an eye on proofing bread and adjust temperatures if necessary

-Baking of some bread products

-Mixing cakes, cookies, and dough’s

-In charge of baking all pastry products for the day. Including cookies, cakes, bars, pastries etc.

To Apply to this job Please go to website address given in Source below