Andytown Coffee Roasters is Hiring a Production Manager (sunset / parkside)

We are a growing team of coffee and baking professionals dedicated to serving amazing coffee and decadent pastries. Founded in March of 2014 in the Outer Sunset, Andytown is dedicated to sourcing, roasting, and brewing the most delicious coffee in the San Francisco fog. Since our first day of business, we have had an extraordinary customer following. Weekdays now have a constant stream of customers and weekends rarely have a time when we don’t have a line to the corner. With our coffee, pastries, and customer service, we have created an experience that people are willing to go out of their way for.

Our production department has grown quite a bit in the last year and we are looking for a Production Manager to step in and help us navigate all of that growth! This person is hyper organized, has experience in creating structure and new systems in a warehouse environment, a passion for the coffee industry, and a willingness to make challenging new projects come to fruition. You are also energized to motivate and support your team so they can execute orders in an efficient and safe manner. You are focused on growing your career in the coffee industry and with Andytown.

Job Details:
Your direct supervisor will be the Operations Manager
You will work alongside the Director of Coffee, Director of QC, Wholesale Manager, and Retail Manager to fulfill coffee orders as well.
This is a full-time, salaried position (Based on Experience), health and dental benefits, 160 hours of PTO per year, accruing at 6 hours every pay period.

Job Description:
Recruit new employees, facilitate training, discipline, reviews, and termination when necessary.
Supervise 4-6 employees, including production roasters
Making sure your staff is working as efficiently and safely as possible
Provide staff members with the tools needed to do their job
Ensure cleanliness of production floor and equipment
Work with Assistant Manager, QC Manager, and Office Team to keep all common areas clean
Manage green bean inventory and release green coffee as needed
Sees the product from start to finish, ensures that every bag is packaged correctly, every order is fulfilled and delivered on time
Receives orders from wholesale and online, gives batch numbers to production assistant to weigh out green beans
Ensure that production team is following health department and OSHA standards for food safety and safe working conditions
Ensure the financial viability of your department in regard to labor and inventory
Continued maintenance of website and warehouse inventory levels
Follow Andytown’s management philosophy of leading by example, promoting a welcoming and diverse workplace.
Create and implement systems of efficiency for your department
Management of company vehicle maintenance
Maintain a safe workspace and communicate staff needs to the HR department as they arise
Maintain equipment, communicate equipment needs, and supplies
Work with staff to get them the best schedule we can give within our shared limitations
Work with finance department to ensure your department is sustainable
Create and manage invoices and works with finance department to monitor payments and credits
Resolve conflicts with customers, employees, and coworkers, and handle difficult and unpredictable situations that may occur
This position will evolve as the needs of your department changes. You will sometimes be asked to complete tasks or projects that aren’t on the above list. Please always communicate to your supervisor if a particular task or project becomes a part of your daily responsibilities.

Job Goals:
Producing the most amount of coffee as efficiently as possible
Overseeing and implementing a new inventory system for the warehouse and working alongside Retail Manager to implement inventory systems for the cafes
Sourcing materials and ingredients from vendors that give us the best competitive prices and align with our company values
Seek educational opportunities in regard to food manufacturing- recall procedures etc.

Job Requirements:
A positive attitude, professional demeanor, and a good sense of humor
1-2 years warehouse management experience
1-year direct supervising employees
Ability to do repetitive work, including weighing, scooping, rolling, and stamping retail coffee bags.
Ability to lift 25-50 pounds
Ability to stand up to 8 hours
Sometimes will need to bend, crouch, kneel, and twist to complete tasks
Competence in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Google Drive
Excellent customer service skills
Detail oriented, ability to work independently to complete projects

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