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Barista Supervisor – Managing Barista

Happy New Years!

We are looking for an individual with organic smiling problems and with the following..

– Must have extensive specialty coffee or coffee house experiences.
– Must able to work 30 – 40 hours a week.
– Food knowledge and understanding of food establishment operations (Preferably from gourmet or high-end brunch restaurants)
– Able to maintain healthy working relationships with small staff and extensive regular customer base.
– Complete understanding of neighborhood business and customer service that are associated.
– UP TO 8 hours per shift.
– Able to retroactively adjust in high volume of business and demands.
– Full understanding of city health codes and conduct.
– Must have positive attitude and organic smiles.
– Punctual, neat and tidy.
– Savvy in social media and photography a plus!


– $400 – $500 weekly salary plus tips or $12 – $15 an hour plus tips
– Flexible schedule
– Easy streamline advancements after 6 months
– Paid vacation
– Part – ownership after two years

To Apply to this job Please go to website address given in Source below