Hiring Valets & Restroom Attendants/Concierge (NE & NC sides SA)

$600-$1,400 a week in tips for our hard working Valets. Even more for the dedicated and loyal true entrepreneurs in our Restroom/Concierge departments. We staff both @ many night clubs across NE and NC side SA. Prefer full time, but part time for right candidate is alright too.

Must be
·clean image
·a male preferably(especially in RA department)
·have a good sense for running a business/entrepreneur

Text me @ 210-574-9141 to arrange interview.

To Apply to this job Please go to website address given in Source below
Source: https://sanantonio.craigslist.org/fbh/d/san-antonio-hiring-valets-restroom/6783742775.html